We are Italy's largest agricultural company, with more than 8000 ha cultivated in Italy itself, plus more than 5000 in Romania.

Our work takes place on 25 farms throughout Italy from Calabria to Piedmont, Lazio and Veneto and extends beyond the Italian borders to Romania.

Turnover of almost €50 million, over 360 employees and more than 160 years of history. These are just some of our statistics to start with, the rest we’ll discover together.


Ha cultivated: a surface area equivalent to the entire municipality of Florence or two thirds that of Milan.


Years of history: longer than Italy itself.


Arms throughout Italy.


Employees, reaching more than 500 if you also consider casual workers.


Million turnover.

Leonealato in figures

Giving a complete picture of us in figures is not an easy task, but here are at least a few curious examples!


  • More than 4 million bottles produced each year
  • 900 ha planted with vines, the equivalent of 3500 km of vineyard!
  • Of the 30 grape varieties we grow on our estates, 20 are native


  • 4000 tonnes of durum wheat produced: the equivalent of 6 million packs of pasta!
  • 43,000 tonnes of sugar beet, enough to sweeten 1.5 billion coffees!


  • 7000 heads of livestock reared each year
  • 1200 dairy buffaloes

Energie Rinnovabili

  • 2 plants producing electricity from biogas
  • We generate enough energy to power 6000 families