The Winery

Our heart is in Monferrato, our outlook is turned to Piedmont

We cultivate some of the indigenous varieties of the Monferrato zone, proud as we are of the tradition and wine producing history of our area - the vineyards in the hills near Casale Monferrato. This area encapsulates all of our wine culture: the vines and grapes, the 18th century buildings that contain our modern cellars, and the “Infernots”, considered UNESCO Heritage Sites.

For us, being part of Monferrato scene means from one side being always farsighted and innovators when necessary; from the other, continue improving, keeping up with modernity and technology. Alta Petit (“Seeking Excellence”): there's no better motto that could represent us.

Bricco dei Guazzi Our heart is in Monferrato, our outlook is turned to Piedmont
Bricco dei Guazzi eccellenza nella viticoltura

Our History

Excellence in viticulture

The history of Bricco dei Guazzi is secular and dates back to the sixteenth century. A history linked to two noble Italian families, the Guazzos and the Candiani: men of culture and valour, who aimed for excellence. Over the centuries, the wine production of this Estate has always played a fundamental role both in sustaining the local people and in trade. Bricco dei Guazzi is a history of wine that has never stopped growing grapes, confirming the great wine-producing vocation of our “bric”.

The terroir

The Monferrato. A land that doesn't compromise.

Our land has a lot to offer for those who want to discover it. What brings us closer to the rest of Piedmont is the wine culture: like Albarossa, a bridge between the Langhe and the Monferrato areas.


A hilly landscape, up to a maximum of 400 metres. Monferrato is delimited to the north by the river Po and to the south by the border between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo.


Rainfall between 500 and 600 mm a year and snow a couple of times during the winter, which give the soil enough water.


Limestone marl, containing some tufa. It has a white colour, which reflects the sun’s rays onto the grapes and favours their ripening.

The Monferrato. A land that doesn't compromise.

Our Figures
A snapshot of our estate


hectares in size




vine training systems:

Guyot and cordon spur.



Barbera, Merlot, Albarossa, Chardonnay, Pinot Nero.

The Wines

Authentic viticulture: the Piedmont that is waiting to be discovered.

There are few places where "making wine" has strongly influenced the characteristics of a territory. One of these is Monferrato: a genuine zone where wine has been made for centuries and every decision depends on wine. It is no by accident if UNESCO has deemed it a World Heritage Site. Here, the wine is the common thread between our area and the rest of Piedmont, just as Albarossa is a bridge between the Langhe and Monferrato zones: it is a native vine - born from a cross between Barbera and Nebbiolo - which gives wines with great complexity and elegance. We practice precision and research viticulture with pride and determination, typical aptitude of the land we come from. Today, our cellars combine traditional methods with modern structures that can contain a capacity of over 2000 hl - the stainless steel tanks, with their temperature control system - and the bottling plant ensure an excellent production and in step with the times.

Authentic viticulture