The Winery

Handcrafted in Valpantena

Costa Arente lies on a hill at 250 metres above sea level at Grezzana, surrounded on three sides by vineyards. It is an estate of 35 hectares, of which 17 are planted with pergola veronese- and guyot-trained vines. From the farmhouse, one’s view loses itself amid the landscapes of the Lessini Mountains and, on days when the wind clears the sky, amid the Apennines peaks.

At Costa Arente production is artisanal: picking and grapes selection are done strictly by hand. We cultivate small plots from which we obtain limited-production wines, which are also the result of extreme care for the terroir. Moreover, we pay a lot of attention to innovation in the winery, which is an essential aspect for improving and obtaining the maximum from our efforts.

Costa Arente Costa Arente lies on a hill at 250 metres above sea level at Grezzana
La Valpantena ha una forte e antica vocazione vinicola

Our History

Immersed in History

The Valpantena has a strong and ancient vocation for producing wine. It has always been characterized by extremely close links with the city of Verona and, in 1405 it has being placed under the control of the Republic of Venice, like the whole area of Valpolicella.Today the ancient fruit and olive crops have been reduced to give more space to the indigenous varieties of Valpolicella: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. As evidenced by the ancient mulberry tree in the main courtyard - symbol of the agricultural tradition of the estate - the present of Costa Arente looks to the future, while remaining faithful to the territory and its history.

The terroir

A mix of perfect conditions

We are proud to be in Valpantena, in the heart of the Valpolicella area.


Bordering to the north with the plateau of the Lessini Mountains, the valley runs southwards for 30 km, opening up towards the plain and the city of Verona.


The valley is characterized by notable thermal excursions between day and night, by prolonged exposure to sunshine and by the presence of light but constant ventilation.


Biancone is the name of the typical soil of the zone: not ideal for agriculture, but perfect for vines, whose roots go down deep to absorb minerals and other precious substances.

A mix of perfect condition.

Our figures
A snapshot of our estate


hectares in size


hectares of vineyards


vine training systems:

Pergola veronese and guyot.


indigenous varieties:

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella e Molinara.

The wines

Where tradition is renewed

Our wines express that savoir faire which calls for attention, care, and respect for the terroir. As in the past, the harvesting and selection of the grapes is done by hand with the precise intention of preserving and respecting our greatest treasure: the land. Nature has a lot to offer but in order to obtain a perfect vinification, we keep innovating through a closed-circuit production model. At Costa Arente each phase - from the grape harvest to bottling - takes place within the confines of the estate: a model that makes us stand out in Valpolicella and in Valpantena, and that best explains our idea of wine production.

selection of the grapes is done by hand