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Lugana DOC

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Year: 2022
Pairing: Aged cheeses, Pizza, Aperitivi
Alcohol: 13%Vol.

Product sheet

Product sheet
Wine type White Wine
Region Veneto
Bottle size (l) 0.75
Variety Turbiana o Trebbiano di Lugana
Produttore Costa Arènte
Service temperature 8-10° C.

3-5 years

Grape yield 120 quintals/hectare.
Origin Lugana (Sirmione), zona pedecollinare a 50 metri s.l.m., da vigne di 20-30 anni.
Grape training Modified pergola veronese.
Density 3.000 trees/hectare.
Production Area The grapes are grown on a soil of morainic origin: these are light layered clays, mainly calcareous and rich in mineral salts. This soil, hard and compact in times of drought, turns muddy and soft after the rain and it is difficult to work. Due to its characteristics however, it gives the wine fruity nuances and the right level of sapidity.
Winemaking After crushing and de-stemming of the grapes followed by soft pressing, fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 16 °-18 ° C. At the end of fermentation, once the wine is left to mature on its fine lees in stainless steel tanks for 6 months, it is considered ready for bottling.
Other curiosities

A wine that comes from the sunny southern shores of Lake Garda, a scented corner of paradise infusing all its fragrance in every glass. Just as delicate as the climate that makes its grapes grow, Lugana di Costa Arènte fully express its territory nuances. It is extremely juicy, fresh and enjoyable in the summer. 

Straw yellow color. Delicate scent between white pulp fruit and floral notes. At taste, it is fresh, with a well- defined and savory flavor.