The Winery

The world of Prosecco as you have never seen it before

We say V8+, we mean Prosecco. The wines are different - Brut, Vintage Brut, Dry, Extra Dry, Valdobbiadene and Cartizze – but united by a unique method: the Martinotti.

At V8+ we express all the light, effervescent, and fun spirit of Prosecco: a wine that is born to be shared, and made to bring people together. A new quality of expression, that everyone can enjoy.

In V8+, form and essence, image and expertise all come together. Our mission: to make sure that the first sip is an original and unique experience.

V8 The world of Prosecco as you have never seen it before
Prosecco: a wine that is born to be shared.

Our Philosophy

Long life to Prosecco

Reducing production time and costs, while maintaining high quality: with this idea in mind, Federico Martinotti challenged the traditional French method by creating in 1985 “his own” way of making sparkling wines - a second fermentation process in autoclaves at controlled temperature. With the same philosophy, at V8+ we produce only Prosecco, creating, for each sparkling wine, a unique bottle and a personalized description that summarize every aspect of the production: area of origin and denomination, days of fermentation, residual sugar and classification.

Our world

The Wines

Zero compromise on quality

Our great specialization on Prosecco has led us to put quality at the centre of the entire production process. We select Glera grapes from the most famous DOCs in Veneto, such as the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene zone and the Cartizze “cru”. We are faithful to the Martinotti Method, which consist on a second fermentation process in autoclaves at controlled temperature. The result is “the” Prosecco in all its forms: fresh, versatile, and high quality wines, which are suitable for any toast and can be enjoyed in any occasion.


A lifestyle that stands out from the crowd

V8+ is fun, original, out of the ordinary. It captures your attention and you cannot be distracted; to take you into a world you will never forget - that of Prosecco.

Our place is among the people, in the streets and inside the bars. It is here that Prosecco V8+ finds its habitat; the sparkling wines that always create the right mood.

Live the moment

An aperitif with friends, a gourmet dinner, a street-food lunch, an indie concert. Thanks to its versatility, for V8+ every occasion is the right one.

If it's trendy, V8+ is there

Contemporary spaces, trendy but informal environments: it's here that you will find V8+; whether paired with gourmet foods, with excellent labels selection or good music, it is always the right choice.

Long life to Prosecco

V8+ reveals the culture of Prosecco. You will enjoy the most famous italian wine in the world through his rules, stories and anecdotes.